Hostess with the Mostess

My brother-in-law and his wife recently purchased their first home, so for a special house-warming gift I handmade them some napkin rings.

The entire design concept for these rings is remeniscent of their nuptials – colors of navy and green, accented with a tree and nature motif.  I figured, even if our generation doesn’t use linen napkins very often, its still nice to have them should the ocassion ever arise.

Things You’ll Need:


8 (or more) Napkins

8 (or more) Toggles

Size J/10 6MM Crochet Hook

*I made this pattern up myself, so feel free to vary it as you see fit

Chain 6 (ch. 6)

Row 1:  single crochet in back loop 6 times (aka: 6 sc bl)

Row 2: Skip 1, double crochet in back loop 5 times (aka: sk 1 dc 5 in bl)

Row 3: Repeat Row 1 and Row 2 another 6 times

End with 1 more single crochet line (aka: sc across)

Single crochet 2 in back loops, then chain 5, skip 4 loops, and single crochet in last two back loops.

(aka: 2 sc in bl, ch. 5, sk 4, 2 sc in bl)

*This creates the button hole for your toggle

Finish off by single crocheting around the entire napkin ring, for a nice uniform finish. (aka: sc around piece)

Using your crochet hook, ‘sew’ on your toggles.

You should end up with a napkin ring that has its own natural curve for easily wrapping around your linens!

These are super easy and the twine makes them rustic and durable.

You could easily have a set to fit every season!


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