A-Tisket, A-Tasket

Even though summer is over, perhaps the fall is the perfect time to enjoy a personalized picnic!  Afterall, the weather is cooler, the foliage is changing and keeping your treats from spoiling will not be nearly as hard this time of year.

Enter the $4.99 vintage picnic basket I found at a hospital thrift shoppe.

I have always wanted my very own old school picnic basket!  My plan is to spruce it up piece by adding a fabric liner, as well as a much needed pocket for napkins and silverware.  Then I can fill it with other vintage finds!

Things You’ll Need:

Fabric *1yrd will be more than enough

Matching thread

Glue gun

First, measure the inside of your basket, including all 4 sides and bottom.  I also added a pocket in the top flap, so if you would to do that as well, measure for 3/4 of the flap’s height.

Cut your fabric into four equal squares for the walls, then a rectangle for the base.

Pin and then sew all four wall pieces together to create one long, 4-sectioned panel.  Close by sewing the first and last section together.

Pin and sew your bottom piece to the 4 wall panel, creating a perfect insert into your basket.

Sew down the edges of your pocket panel to keep it from fraying.

Next we glue all the egdes of each piece directly to our basket, always starting at the center back, in order to ensure an even spreading of fabric to all four sides.

Make sure to leave your pocket top UNGLUED so as to keep it functioning as intended…as a pocket!

*I did not glue the fabric to the bottom of the basket because I figured it would settle in soon enough once the basket is filled.

A picture perfect addition to any respectable picnic!

Now go out there and enjoy the beautiful autumn before its gone!


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