Not Your Average Joe

The weekend is a time to slow down and enjoy life’s little pleasures, and for me that includes a steaming cup of what my husband lovingly refers to as ‘Wilmoth Coffee’.  He calls it Wilmoth because it’s my maiden name, and with it comes all the wonderful homemade-country goodness that I was raised with.

‘Wilmoth Coffee’ is the slower, richer version of your normal brew because I take the time to grind the beans fresh and use my savior of a french press.

Things You’ll Need:

Whole Coffee Bean

French Press

Coffee Grinder (Previously I used a MagicBullet® but have since found a used Krups®)

Stir Stick (I used a chopstick)

Tea Kettle

First, boil your water.

Place coffee beans into grinder.

*If you enjoy strong coffee, make your grind finer.  If you like your coffee a bit lighter, keep it coarse.

Pour ground coffee into your french press.

Pour hot water into your press.

Stir the contents to create an even mixture.

Let coffee steep for 4 minutes.

When your time is up, press the plunger down as far as it will go, slowly.


Sit and savor the extra bit of effort and time you were able to spend on one of life’s little pleasures!


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