Making the Most of It

Have you ever bought a piece of jewelry because you really liked one aspect of it, even though the overall appeal is not entirely versatile?   Its still sitting there unworn, isn’t it…

Well, I often do this too, but not because I am an impulse buyer.  I do it because I know I can make it better, and sometimes get more than my money’s worth!

 I bought these earrings for the whopping price of $5.95 from H&M and, while I love the two-tone quality, I was truly looking for something a bit more wearable, less long and flashy.  So, I decided I could use the materials to my advantage and make two sets of earrings out of one!

Things You’ll Need:

Jewelry pliers – rounded tip & needle nose

Earring hooks – dark steel (the gold come with!)

Metal loops – dark steel (again, the gold come with!)

Two long dark steel wire pins (usually used for beading)

 Dismantle the earrings by taking all the dark steel chains off.

Viola!  You have one set of earrings all done!

Dark Steel: Take one pin and loop it in half. *Don’t bend it or it will snap!  Just use your rounded pliers and work the form into a nice loop, then string 5 chains onto the pin.  Take one small loop, string in through the bottom of each chain and hook another chain onto it, creating a double-long dangle.  Repeat 4 more times until you have used up half of your chains.

Repeat the whole process for the other earring.

To finish off the design, use your rounded pliers and curve the ends of the pin to match eachother.  Then place your earring hook through the loop you have created, seen here.

When you are finished you will have two sets of earrings for the price of one!

Taking the materials from jewelry you don’t use anymore is also a great way to stockpile tools you may need for future projects.

Give your old pieces new life by turning them into something you love!


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