Farmer’s Market Musts

The Autumn months bring many changes, such as lower temps, shorter days and a whole new crop of fruits and veggies that are coming into season.  If you want to ensure you’re enjoying the hardworked harvest you find at your local Farmer’s Market long into the winter, then follow these tips that my very own Grandmother Townsend gave me for freezing and storing your favorites before they disappear until next year.


Blanch —> Freeze:

1.) Bring a large pot of water to a rapid boil over high heat. Add enough salt so the water tastes faintly salty.

2.) While the water heats, fill a medium bowl about three-quarters full with ice, then add enough cold water to come just to the top of the ice.

3.) While the water boils trim the vegetables to the size you want.  (It’s best to trim them just prior to cooking so they don’t get wilty!)

4.) Add the vegetables to the boiling water in batches, so the water doesn’t lose its boil.
5.) Boil the vegetables only until they’re barely cooked through but still tender, usually only a few minutes.
6.) As soon as the vegetables are done, remove them as fast as you can and submerge them in the ice bath.

7.) Remove them from the ice bath as soon as they are no longer warm and place in a freezer safe bag, removing all air.

*To reheat the vegetables, you can use any cooking method you wish, like sautéeing, grilling, or boiling; just make sure to barely heat them up and not to cook them again or they will be mushy and overdone!If you’re interested in a simple canning method for tomatoes, this site is very helpful:

Its always nice to know that you’re supporting local farmers when you purchase your fruits and veggies this way, and for a Manahattanite, that’s a great feeling!

 Support your local growers, they work hard so you can have the best!


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