Crystal Clear

Happy Wednesday to you all, its turning out to be a GREAT morning! I hope by now you have come to understand a little about me.  The fact that I love making wholesome food, tinkering with projects and dumpster diving, although I will hereby refer to it with the slightly more elegant ‘Sidewalk Treasure Seaker’ moniker.  Much better. 
My latest NYC street spoils were the best come by yet.  Last night while leaving work I was frustrated, when upon seeing a set of old doors with original milk glass & crystal doorknobs, which I collect, being thrown out of a building on the Upper East Side, and me without my tools!  I asked 5 different buildings (one with a ton of construction, really, no tools??!) and 4 doormen, if anyone had a screwdriver, to no avail.  I continued home, deflated.
But, low and behold, what was still sitting there this morning on my walk to work!!!  So I got down to business, having taken the advice of my husband and thrown my Leatherman in my bag.  Now, while surrounded by 10+ able bodied construction workers, I set out to relieve said vintage door knob from its frame, when along comes the garbage men! They want to take the door!
“Oh no, please I just want the knob!”
“You just want the knob?” asked the burly garbage man.
 “Oh yes please!” I pleaded.
“No problem.”
He then lifts the heavy oak door from the curb, places one end into the giant trash compacter, snaps of the back end, rotates to repeat on the other side, and then happily hands be my knobs, mechanism included. Now THAT is how you do it! Thank you NYC!

There are so many things you can do with old hardware like this, aside from the obvious repurposing to my own home someday.  You could make a fancy curtain rod cap, use one end of each knob for a wall coat rack, or simply display them, like I have, until you have the time and space to use them as you see fit. 

I am constantly on the lookout for these knobs, and anything that is being demolished and thrown out.  In New York City its a double edged sword.  Here, there are street spoils on every corner, day and night, but you are almost always going to have to carry them home.  I have grown accustomed to the looks fellow passengers give when they see me carrying odd finds, like a large ornately framed painting of a very stoic victorian woman…true story. 

Never be afraid to go for it, because you might not be as lucky to find it there in the morning!

 Happy Hunting!


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