I ♥ Instagram


I know, I know…Instagram, but hear me out.  For a lady with a blog, armed soley with a Kodak easy share point & shoot camera, my phone has been a lifesaver for creating an esthetic with my photos.  Anyone can be a genius with this AP!  

No shame…

Today, on this gloomy NYC morning, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the summer as we usher in the fall!

 Since I live in the city, I tried to get as much ‘water-baby’ time in as I could this summer, and I desparately miss it already. 

1.) Lake Goguac in Battle Creek, MI

2.) Lake Goguac, minutes later

3.) Higgins Lake, Roscommon, MI

4.) Altantic Ocean, Lewes, DE

My husband and I have a very palpable dream of one day owning and rebuilding an old truck, so we try to get to the big vintage truck show in Pennsylvania every year.

Annual Truck Show in Carlisle, PA


Vacation wouldn’t be vacation unless you really unplug…I cling to this memory

Growing up in Michigan, in the country, always brings images of endless corn fields, and this summer I got to take a four-wheeler ride through a beautiful one

I suppose summer isn’t summer without some sort of outside project, rewarded with glass of wine

Going to this Drive-in in Michigan is on my list for next summer, since we got a bit side-tracked this year

I absolutely love this shot of my sister and my dad on the Atlantic Ocean at sunset.  Thank heaven for camera phones!

Would you believe me if I told you this was in Manhattan!

A gem in Ft. Tryon Park, NYC

Well, I could do this all day, but I will save some for another time.  You can download Instagram for free through your phone’s AP market.  Clearly, I highly recommend it!


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