Dingy to Dang!

Ikea is the furniture go to for many young New Yorkers, as its inexpensive and impermenant.  One any given day you can walk the streets of this fair city that is littered with furniture castoffs and 9 times out of 10 its from Ikea.  But, if you’re like me, you’d rather fix it up than toss it out.

My friend asked me to help spruce up his living room, and one thing was certain, his little white sofa needed some serious love.

With a few supplies I was able to turn this dingy two-seater into a colorful and hip focal point.

Heres what I used:

I used brass

rubber mallet & tack hammer with nylon tip

Navy Solid Linen Width: 61″

Waverly Chippendale Fretwork Grass

If money had been no object, I could have used nailhead trim, like the photo below, to create a more classic, contiuous line.  But I feel that with the right measurments, even spacing out the 20 nailheads I had can bring the same elegance and style to the finished project.

I used a draping technique to cover the arms of the sofa

  The yellow fabric swatches were to be turned into pillows, eventually 🙂

 So, from a rarely used sofa to a lounge worthy of the hippest NY apartment, with the total cost of the redo at around $100, I’d say this was a success!

Thanks for stopping by!


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