Something New


This summer my beautiful sister Alyssa got married, and I was so thrilled when she asked me to make her veil.  The seven years since I got married have brought with it alot more options for the peek-a-boo style I created here. 

Since I was the Matron of Honor, I had alot on my plate, so I purchased the bow w/ feathers at the same wonderful fabric store in which my Mom purchased the gown materials:, (yes she made that gown!) but there are lots of great videos on youtube for making a bow just like this.  Super easy!

This video is for a cake bow, but the same technique would work for this project, plus I am in love with her accent:

By adding some of the wedding colors in little spurts throughout the applique, I made this veil one of a kind for my big sis!

Things I used:

Bow applique

Small glass beads in color of choice (I used teal blue and crystal)

Thin guage wire

Veil netting

Two contour clips (same color as the brides hair!)

One bead per wire strand (about 6″), bend the wire in half so the bead is center like a lil’ tiny septor.  Holding onto both ends, twist the bead end while keeing the bottom stationary.   Insert randomly into the applique while trying to keep the ends point toward center.  Gather all your wire ends and twist together on the backside of the applique.   Bend your wire bundle to be flush with the back section.


 This netting is gorgeous but the poofs were spaced too far apart.  I bought a whole yard, and only needed about a quarter for the veil, so I took all the poofs from the section I wasn’t using and added them to increase the drama!  

Russian Veiling With Dots – 9″ WIDE – Ivory

 The netting portion of this veil is best done by trial and error.  I had to try it on several times to see how it looked, right?


 All you really need to do is gather both sides and sew the ends into little knobs, that way you have something to hook the applique to.  Next, sew the contour clips to both ends, making sure to face the right direction so all the bride has to do is clip them in!

Give your special bride a handmade keepsake from someone she loves!


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