Hey there!  One more project down, another group endeavor.

Myself and two other teammates were set the task of designing a supportive housing community for Homeless Female Veterans.  We are thrilled to present our design solution for this group of women warriors who have so valiantly served their country for the greater good.  They deserve better from us, and we planned to concieve a space worthy of their sacrifices.

I give you HAVEN HOUSE!


Transparent Heel-ing

Hello all!  My most recent project, in collaboration with my dear friend and fellow FIT student Reut Damti, went up this past Friday with rave reviews!

The project is a 3300 SF medical office, our practice was Podaitry, located on the UES in Manhattan, NY.  With a focus on sports medicine, we wanted to create a space where those dealing with the trauma of sudden immobility, coupled with the psychological affects of losing an outlet for passion and stress like excercise, could come together and feel safe, secure and at home while recieving top of the line treatments.

So, without further ado, here is the Wellness Center for Podiatry!